Master Art
How it works ?
How it works ?
For the first time ever, you can invest in the global art market by owning fully compliant, fractional and secure property.
Powered and secured by blockchain.

Our team searches for the most representative works of the artist and at the best prices.

We take care of the management, insurance, shipment, storage.

We mint an NFT thus creating an tamper-proof digital certificate of the work and divide this NFT into token, to allow you to invest.

You receive income every month from the rental. And when we sell the work you receive a share of the capital gain in proportion to your fractions.
Rental income also allows us to cover management costs, such as storage, transport, insurance, etc.

You can also sell fractions on the secondary market on our platform.

We source the best blue chip artworks

We buy after selection the artwork that is the most promising

We mint an NFT

We hold the artwork for 1-10 years

Trade ​​your tokens